Instructables Makerspace Contest 2017

It’s that time of year again; instructables is holding their makerspace contest! I’ll be participating again with my team from last year, Meet Your Makers, as we try to make as many fun, educational, and high quality instructables as possible within the next couple months!

As of this post, you can see the results of 2016’s contest here: link. We only had five members (the minimum required), but we kicked butt anyway!

In the end we got 8th place out of 75 teams, with 29 featured instructables and a total of 48 instructables posted! I’d like to thank my friends Deirdre, Ashley, Joe, and Perri for a great time and for making so much cool stuff.

This year we’re adding one new member (shoutout to Kyle!), but considering that some teams have dozens of members, we’ll be an underdog again. Make sure to check to see every instructable posted, and head over to to see all of our instructables and read our bios! And we’d all really appreciate if you vote for our instructables if you like them!


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