HackMIT 2017

I participated in HackMIT 2017! This is the largest hackathon I’ve competed in yet, with over 400 participants! My team was made up of three of my great friends: Perri Lomberg, Ashley Dodge, Joe Gabay, and me.


Over the next 24 hours, we created Nova. It’s a hardware-based project that uses a system of Arduinos with NRF24L01 2.4GHz wireless modules to create an interactive experience! Each system is battery-powered, wireless, and allows interaction with other players through interactive contests.

Perri was in charge of creative design and experience; Ashley worked on assembly, form factor and soldering; Joe assisted with programming and assembly. I worked on the electrical design, wrote the majority of the firmware, and soldering.

For more details about the project, see our devpost submission. At the end of the contest, we won two awards; one for best use of storytelling, and one about the best use of hardware and software in a project.

WINNER Sponsor Prize – Disney – Best Use of Storytelling
WINNER Category Prize – Master of Both Worlds

And thanks to my amazing team, without which this project wouldn’t be possible!


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